Q: rotors on 2001 Toyota Tundra

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was told warped rotors was a factory defect with this truck
what rotos or calipers will fix the problem
(2) Answers
Any vehicle disc brakes will warp the rotors, especially a truck that hauls things. Generally you don't need to fix or replace the calipers just because the rotors are warped. Just make sure that the pistons retract properly and that the slide pins actually slide and are clean and not rusty. I would also do the pads with factory pads. This will help keep the rotors cool. Some times the cheaper after market pads get too hot and will cause the rotors to warp prematurely. Good Luck and Happy 4th
This was actually a Toyota TSB in which they actually upgraded the truck with larger calipers, those used on the 2003 to 2006 models. The TSB however, is only good if your truck is within a certain mileage and year range. Obviously our 2001s are no longer within that range. I replaced my rotors with Brembos and they seem to be holding up quite well nearly 20,000 miles later.