Q: Room temperature air coming from the a/c on 2000 Ford Ranger

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When the vehicle idles a/c is making a rough sounding on/ off switch. Is this related to the temperature of the air coming from the a/c (not max a/c) being room temperature? Is there anything to do to prevent the compressor or condensor from needing repair? The vehicle has 11188 miles and next service is not due until 15000. Thankyou in avance for you reply

(1) Answer
This sounds like the A/C is low on refrigerant and the compressor is cycling on and off, which is normal when it's low. You'll need to have the system checked and recharged with refrigerant. You can try adding it yourself using a kit from the local parts store, but A/C systems are fairly complex you should have a qualified mechanic work on it if your unsure about what your doing.