Q: Right turn signal electrical wiring on 1999 Honda CR-V

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I have a 1999 Honda CR-V that I thoroughly enjoy. I recently had my entire passenger side headlight housing stolen out of the car (bizarre thing). There’s some twisted metal and the old bolts were there when I replaced the unit with a new one I bought online, and that was pretty easy. What I hadn’t noticed was that the electrical wiring leading up to the passenger side turn signal was now just wires and had been stripped of the unit where the signal bulb would be inserted. I am looking for direction on how to solve this problem myself; I am good at repairing my own vehicles but lack proper terminology and some basic understanding. Can I simply buy the electrical unit for the bulb and rewire it to the existing wires (which I cannot find a source for online), or do I need to turn to something more drastic? Either way I am looking to fix this problem myself and bypass expensive trips to the shop. Thanks!
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