Right Side Rear Light Not Blinking on 2000 Ford Focus

The rear right light will work (for braking and night time use) but will not blink!? Other lights & blinkers are working fine.

Has anyone had this problem or does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you,

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The bulb has probably failed Sylvania #3157LL available at your local auto parts store, Usually I change both when one goes out the other one is about to fail also.
We bought both lights for the passenger tail light when the blinker stopped blinking (we, for some reason, did not try out both new lights at the same time)--we'll try putting in both new lights and see where that gets us.

Thank you.
It could possibly be a malfunction somewhere in the system as far as flashing goes. But that would be a ECU problem and if that were true then you could go to a junk yard and get one for cheap. Hope this helps!