Q: Right ps boot leaking, should I replace both boots or the entire rack? on 2002 Toyota Corolla

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Should I replace the struts at the same time?
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If fluid is leaking out of the power steering rack 'bellows' then you have faulty seals in the rack. Depending on your skill level , tools and amount of patience , you can either replace the rack seals , or the rack(depending on the brand/quality you get , it may or may not have tie-rods on it).If the struts don't work like you feel they should -replace them also. Then go get it aligned............I just remembered something from another posting , make sure your wheels are straight and steering wheel locked in position ,before you disconnect the column, don't let it spin or you'll damage the airbag 'clockspring' ,and make sure the rack is 'centered' before connecting it to the steering column.
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