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Q: Right front tire almost fell off while driving -Is this ball joint related? on 1998 Lexus GS300

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tire still good but fender was damaged during tow - How can this happen? Just bought car 6 months ago 120k miles- 3 indicator lights came on as incident happened- never had this happen with any other do you make sure this does not happen again? Only Code PO763 was on before this occured - thanks
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What became disconnected? The ball joint or the lug nuts? You indicator lights were related to ABS and brake pads if the wires broke when the suspension cam loose. With every oil change our technicians inspect the vehicle for damage and report back to the customer sp we can repair it while it on the rack.
the ball joint - the lug nuts were still attached, the tire turned right at such an angle more damage happened when pulled on flat bed tow truck - How often to Ball joints need maintenance or replacement? I have had previous cars and SUV's w/ over 100k miles & ball joints never were an issue - Thanks for your help - I am waiting for an estimate on repair right now - I might want to compare w/ your shop
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