Q: Right axle seal leak, when should I get it replaced? on 2004 Saturn Ion

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Last state inspection I was advised my right axle seal was leaking and it needed replacing. What is my demise if I hold off from replacing the seal due to financial problems?
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Depending how bad its leaking you may cause more damage to trans. I would suggest checking and topping off the trans fluid. Based on how much fluid you put in will give you an idea how bad the problem is if you noticed when the leak started. Theres really no way to tell when the seal will give out.
I don't notice any leakage on the street where I park on a daily basis and it's been close to 11 months since I was advised it was leaking so it must not be leaking that bad!

The car repair shop gave me (2) repair quotes, one was for $245.00 (axle seal) the other was for $210.00 (transmission service) are these quotes reasonable?