Q: Richard Larregui, E-Mail is:
Telephone #787 525-0167, on 2000 Dodge Durango

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A Transmission Mechanic using a diagnostic machine was under the belief that a P1740 code was the cause of a defective torque converter, solenoid. If so, he stated he would be required to break apart the transmission to investigate requirements such as parts, labor etc. so that an estimate would be given to be.

Your estimate is very important to me because I have an Automotive Warranty that states, "Transmission/Automatic or Standard:
The internal components of this automatic transmission or manual transmission, drive chain, drive chain gears, carrier bearings, internal transaxle seal. The manual transmission case and automatic transmission case and torque converter are covered if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated by the failure of internally lubricated parts, Transmission Mouts, Oil Pan, Flywheel Flex, Plate, Vauum Modulator.

I've noticed also that when travelling a sudden sense of speed begins to drag while accelerating. With respect to internal lubricated requirements my records show quarterly maintenance service. No oil spills when parked in my garage floor."

If RepairPal knows the name and phone number of a Transmission Dealer, if would be appreciated

I would sincerely appreciate receiving a response to my
"What's My Question and an important repair estimate .

My e-mail is: larregui.dick
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