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2005 Volvo XC90 (5 Reviews)
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OK - so we thought this was going to be a great purchase. It was till about 95,000 miles. Then everything went wrong. The engine got wet in a desert rain storm, and it turns out a VOLVO V8 ENGINE CANNOT GET WET as it will rust and there is a catastrophic engine failure (balance shaft) costing $5,000 to repair. That's weird because the Volvo V8 is a modified Yamaha marine engine.

The the power steering pump went bad last month...another $1000. Also, we had to change tires every 6 months ($1,000 each time) because Volvo would not admit that the subframe bushings moved because oversized tolerances (yes, changed the bushings twice)....and it needed new brake pads (another $700), 3rd change in 5 years cos the car is too heavy for the brakes. Oh and the drivers seat control frame is all ripped up because if you're less than 6 ft tall, your leg scrapes the edge every time you exit, so we have a big hole from broken plastic (the seat has to be replaced...) . Don't forget that the expensive entertainment system does not work anymore. Can't get the sound to work no matter what we've tried.

I hope Volvo's new Chinese owner kicks some butt in Volvo management for putting out such a poor quality car and spoiling Volvo's reputation....or maybe it was some interim manager from Ford that forced Volvo to put out a Ford look alike (no offense to new Fords that are so much better)

I think we will buy a Korean or Japanese or even an American car next time. Forget the European stuff unless its Deutsch. Hope someone still likes XCC90 V8's when we sell it. I've done all the repairs and it should run great for a bit

update this very moment: check engine light just went on and the engine sounds funny.....the "fun" continues
My 2005 T6 AWD has been operating great with the exception of a complete electrical harness failure in the first 2K miles. I have read the horror stories regarding the T6 transmission and want to maintain a clean record with Volvo. The 45K check-up found a clean bill of health. The 60K check-up recommended replacement of a front axle due to plug leakage, replacement of front breaks pads and rotors, and list totaling about $4,000. I had expected to get ten years from this vehicle, not sure now if the further investment will be worth it.
I have had nothing but problems witn my 2005 XC90. I would never buy or recommend a Volvo again. I drive alot and car is out of warranty. Since then I have put in at least $10,000 to keep this car running. Buyer beware!!!
Love the ride and handling but only had problems with suspension. AWD unit when out, both rear ball joints. Very expensive repairs.
This is a fantastic car. Handles great, super smooth ride, nice interior, minimal problems. We did have one issue - the electronic locks were always causing problems. Often we could not get the back hatch open at all. 2-3 dealers could not figure it out until right before the warranty was up, a dealer finally fixed it. No problems since.

But seriously, we're super happy with this car. Its great