2004 Volvo XC90 Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Volvo XC90 owners review and rate their 2004 Volvo XC90.

2004 Volvo XC90 (9 Reviews)
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We bought it new in 03. We have 165K miles on it. All service done in Dedham, Mass. Its been a great car. I am planning on getting at least 250K on it. All repairs, service, tires, brakes, exhaust, everything averaged about $1200 per year. I am happy.

Can't wait for the new XC90 PHEV. I own 2 other Volvo's and our experience has been the same on both. The Dealer makes a lot of difference.
Volvo has lost it's way. Our 2004 xc90 turbo has been the least reliable of any car we have owned. What is more concerning is the lack of response from Volvo Service. The reported 'safety' of this brand is exaggerated, for example the vehicle would 'shut down' to 1/4 power while on highway with no dashboard, signals etc. Each time it was towed to service and supposedly fixed (battery, and many 'we cant replicate this problem' visits) they finally replaced the CEM or main computer. Our young kids were in the car!! No recall and no warranty despite dozens of reports about this problem across North America. That is only one example of an issue with this vehicle. We are stuck driving this unit till it drops but never will any of our family purchase a Volvo again. One last funny note...I wrote to Volvo Canada, they never responded but did add our email to the promotions department so now we receive special offers on buying a Volvo, might as well pour salt on the wound. Oh ya, don't get us started on the 'oil pressure,stop vehicle' warning, no one can fix it and we bought shares in Castrol due to the way this puppy drinks it.
I bought my XC90 (T6 AWD) used with 71k back in 2009 when I moved-back from the UK to the US. Overseas, XC90 is an amazing vehicle. In the US, so-so. I was in a crunch and got a decent deal for it. And, I bought a 3-yr/36k extended warranty. Good thing! I've had enough repairs done to cover the cost of the warranty 3-times plus. But, the car works great. Its not what I wanted but its exactly what I needed. The ext. warr. is coming due. Based on these freakin' proprietary parts, I'm definitely renewing it. No car payments kinda makes it tough to buy a new vehicle at this point. Another problem is the dealership is over 20-miles away. Granted local shops exist but almost all warranty work has to be thru the dealership.
Good vehicle that many have admired. I use mine as an AWD SUV should be used, i.e., I do a lot of camping and go off-road. Since control-arms are considered wear-n-tear and have the dealership down to under $600 w/alignment for full replacement since wear-n-tear isn't warranty covered, I can anticipate this cost to occur again in about 5-yrs. Other than that, I highly recommend getting an ext. warranty. Its saved me quite a few thousand.
I have the 2004 XC90 T6. I like the vehicle a lot but am concerned about what might be in store for me after reading the reviews. I had to replace the fuel pump unfortunately before I found out there was a recall on them. I also had to replace the steering gear and box and still don't think its quite right. The AWD eats tires despite me trying 2 different brands and types including the mfg suggested. I haven't had any transimission problems yet (knock on wood) but noticed it seems to be a little loose when I shift it into gear. I have 85K miles on it and it just went out of warranty so I guess I'm rolling the dice if I keep it. I do like the ride and the T6 Trubo does a nice job considering its a mid size SUV it's carrying around. Like anything else if you take care if it then it should last barring any design issues.
I just spent $1200 last week for suspension problems, this week it needs a transmission. I was quoted $6000 to $6500. I'm totally disappointed. The car is 6 years old
i have only had this car for a few months and this is what I've got to say: the fuel filler door hinge is a bad design. the plastic they used to mold it is fragile. the seats could have their covering attached a little better. the mpg is not what i would like but the engine seams very powerful. the software in the computer needs numerous updates and as far as i know you have to go to the dealer for that. there has been a fair amount of recall work to be done but haven't had a prob. with getting it. summery: i love this car but you have to stay on top of it.
Love the ride, features, interior, sleek lines, great looking, fun to drive, great spacing, small rear seat, great AWD, great storage options. :-)

Coolant leaking into engine :-(

Poor mileage :-(
I am the second owner of this car. I bought it with 45,000 miles. I have had regular oil changes paid for new brakes and new tires I had a premium maintenance package done on the car when I bought it. After 18 mths there was a noise in the steering, the dealer tightened the hose clamps and said if it happens again it will cost $2,000. 6 mths later "transmission service urgent" message.
Dealership said I need a new transmission $5,400, possibly need New radiator, $1,750 and
the headgasket is leaking, $4,500 to replace. I was in shock. Service person said the '04 XC90 was the first year and not a good one. :-( I would never buy another Volvo!!
the reason i gae this car those ratings, was becuase of the milage I did before i had to replace such items. my suv rides and handles the road just like i want, and becuase i love to drive log distances and i very satisfied with the ride and confortibilty of the suv.