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2003 Volvo XC70 (2 Reviews)
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Had just about every repair and service known done over past four years, thus far to Sept, 2015 for this 2003 XC70, but not needed [as yet] repair/replace transmission nor AWD drive mechanisms nor engine itself other than replaced all engine mounts, nor exhaust system as yet. Have 75,600 miles on a now 13 year old vehicle. In the last four years [Sept 2011 to date] have paid $20,000 for service, maintenance and repairs, not counting a new fuel pump that was a factory paid for defect repair. Largest problems have been electrical, incl. replacing the $2,500 computer module, fan, alternator, three batteries, various other computer modules, brake master components, and all new suspension, all parts front and back, sans the coil springs themselves. I figure, next, will be a $4,000 to $5,000 new transmission, perhaps tomorrow, or perhaps in next 50,000 miles ...??? And yet the vehicle gets no off road use nor abuse, just travel from Manhattan to paved road suburbs largely only on weekends with the greatest historical trips to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. And has always been parked in a heated garage. Go figure?

Right now, looking to replace the awful headlights that always gave poor lighting, a design flaw in 2003, as my shop, that customizes in repair, service and restoration of hi-end vehicles, incl. Rolls Royce, as well as the mundane, is looking into HIDs for me.

I'd say the the problems with the vehicle have been and are a combination of age related and very poorly designed and engineered components that do NOT stand the vigors of Volvo's advertising nor test of time, the vehicle being nowhere as reliable as any even low end Japanese brand auto, though I do not criticize Volvo safety but have yet to be in an accident with the vehicle. So the answer is simply to drive any Volvo only for life of the full bumper to bumper warranty, whether own or lease, though of course you'd be taking the largest depreciation hit when new unless take out the best bumper to bumper extended Volvo warranty and keep longer, though the warranty can be costly. Or just buy any Toyota or Honda manufactured brand if you want little to no out-of-pocket repairs and the finest quality engineering and manufacture.
Great car, but don't buy it to save money. Get one and keep your Corolla or Civic for when gas goes up and for when its in the shop..-Gordon