2006 Volvo V70 Reviews and Owner Comments

2006 Volvo V70 owners review and rate their 2006 Volvo V70.

2006 Volvo V70 (2 Reviews)
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This has been a pretty reliable ride for me every day on my long work drives, with minor problems about every three months or so. But the drive train has posed continuing problems. I hear an odd vibration when I am applying pressure to the accelerator pedal to maintain speeds of 60 mph or more. Can't get to the bottom of the problem, and dealer already replaced the drive shaft once. Ugh.
I have an '06 V70 T5 (Canadian Model) purchased new in May 08.
So far, the car has performed flawlessly. I do the oil/filter changes myself using Mobile 1 and Volvo oil filters. One minor recall. Seats are very good- and supportive- perfect for spirited driving. With the back seats down you can haul a washing machine, lumber for a deck or what ever. Excellent acceleration, great brakes. Good in snow up to about 3 or 4 inches.