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2004 Volvo V70 (2 Reviews)
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This review is sent from Thailand where I bought my Volvo V70 in 2004. The first thing that ever went wrong with the car in eleven years happened in January 2015. One of the bulbs of the headlights blew. That is the only time I have ever had to take my Volvo V70 to the garage other than for its regular service - in eleven years.

I also have a Mercedes C200 station wagon, which is a few years older. The electronics / electrics failed and the car had to crawl home at about 5 mph in its third year, the air-conditioning fan control switch malfunctioned and had to be replaced in its fourth year, the ceiling fell down (detatched from the roof)(!) and a new one had to be fitted in its seventh year, and there is an incurable rattle in the back door. Apart from that, it is fine.

I would like to buy one of the latest Volvos but fear I would be replacing an amazingly reliable car with one that perhaps is not. I just do not think I can ever part with my Volvo.
We bought a 2007 V70 2.5T used after doing quite a bit of research. While the car looks nice and much of the interior seems modern and firm, a number of used cars had all sorts of issues that dealers tried to hide.

I would highly recommend forcing a dealer to repair all known issues with a pre-owned certified check before putting any money down. Then upgrade what you can in the purchase and make sure to get an extended warranty on any used Volvo.

Why? Because the damn parts are expensive. Since 2007, I have had to take the car back in at least four times due to fuel/air mixture problems. The computer has had to be flushed twice due to supposed bad software. Then the O2 sensor went out. Then the throttle assembly seemed to need cleaning twice a year now.

There were also wear and tear issues with suspension. We had one torn motor mount that popped up within the first year of ownership. Now, three years in, a front spring shock cup is broken and needs replacing.

Oh, and wait til you have to replace the battery. They had to be different in Sweden. I'll leave that little hint as a surprise for you to check out on your own. Tip - look up replacing battery in the owner's manual. And when you're done reading you still won't do it yourself because of all the computer problems it will cause if not done right.

The V70 is a nice car if you don't mind spending money on it's maintenance. There's very little you will be able to repair on your own. The best you can do to save is get the replacement part yourself and then pay a mechanic or dealer to install it rather than sourcing through their parts order. Ebay helps a lot (ebay wheel rim $120 plus $15 labor versus $450 for a dealer to replace a bent rim).