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2000 Volvo V70 (4 Reviews)
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This Volvo model is the worst I have ever owned, I have replaced almost everything on the vehicle from the entire cooling system to the Turbo jets to all the suspension. The brain of the computer and now for a mere $1000 I get to replace the fuel pump. After this car I would never reccomend a Volvo to anyone and I used to own 240 and 420's happy with all 4. Just this year along I have spent $3000 in maintaing vehicle.
Have had my 2000 V70 for a little over 4 years now. Currently has 148k miles on the odo. Recently had to replace steering rack (cost me $129 for a remanufactured OEM rack and I installed it myself), but this has been the only semi-major repair the car has needed. Sway bar endlinks failed around 120k, very common and easy fix. Everything else has been general/scheduled maintenance. I am definitely not the slowest driver in the world and I enjoy a good spirited run every now and then, but I maintain my car religiously. FYI Denso Iridium spark plugs work great in these cars, better performance and economy than OEM plugs. Don't forget to service your transmission too, even though the manual says nothing about doing so it should be done every 30k miles or less. And this model year is pretty much the last one before they became all Ford, which is one of the reasons I picked a 2000 model. Has been a great car overall!

P.S. Don't use a Volvo dealer for repairs. Find a local repair shop that specializes in these cars and you will save a ton of money. Volvo dealers will tell you anything to get you to spend money.
This car has been a lemon since I got it. 3 months ago - the driver side door lock assemblty broke - making it impossible to open. The assembly has to be matched to the car and brought in from Sweden. I was without my car for over a week. Now the ignition assembly has locked up. It will be the same thing - bring it in, tear it apart, and order the part from Sweden - wait a week. All the interior door panels have come off - the dealer wants $2000 per panel to replace. Had a local repair shop put on new clips and reattach. It cost $100. Parts were $2.50. This car has no traction. It slips and slides up the slighest hill with frost. No getting around in the snow or ice we have here in the midwest. I bought this car for long term. the engine seems sounds, it is the rest of the car that is falling apart. I hate this car - and will never buy another volvo. My last 2 cars were toyota and honda - wanted a wagon to carry more kids. silly me.
I have the 'R' version and this car has never reached its potential. The engine pulls well but the transmission is abysmally suited for its turbo-lagged output. Manual shifting needed frequently. The suspension is a bit too soft but the steering's fairly precise. Overall reliability has been fair, not great.