2004 Volvo V40 Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Volvo V40 owners review and rate their 2004 Volvo V40.

2004 Volvo V40 (2 Reviews)
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I LOVE this little wagon!!! All leather, turbo, beautiful body, silver in color with tinted windows. I've only seen three others on the road since buying mine. I bought it almost exactly a year ago from a Swedish Auto Clinic in Torrance, CA. At that time it had about 140K miles on it. Peter, the owner of Swedish Auto Clinic is Swedish and knows the cars inside and out. He buys a lot of his cars used or from customers who are buying newer ones, and completely refurbishes them. In the year that I've had it, I've only had to put $60.00 into it ($30.00 for windshield wipers and another $30.00 for an oil change). Today is my first problem with it, but I am amazed at how long I drove it before having a problem.
Bought our 2004 V40 as a certified used Volvo in 2006 and have put nearly 100,000 trouble-free miles on it. The only expense we've incurred other than routine maintenance is for the replacement of the glass on the passenger side mirror after someone knocked into it.

Some key pluses for the V40;
- Seats are comfortable, even on long drives;
- Heating and A/C are great. The A/C is strong and cools the car quickly and I'm always amazed by how fast the car heats up in the winter;
- While it's certainly not a sports car, it is peppy and responsive.

One somewhat annoying nit: if you don't screw on the gas cap exactly right, the 'Check Engine" light comes on.