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1998 Volvo S90 (5 Reviews)
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I have a 1998 Volvo S90, bought it, it was in bad shape except for the engine. put a used transmission in it, went to the junkyard and purchased basically a complete interior, seats, carpet. replaced a few bushings on the suspension and the lower control arms, new brakes, replaced a few bushings on the air pump(found those online)-these wear on all the s90 & 960 models. Replaced as many vaccum lines as I could. these vehicles tend to have vaccum leaks on the evap lines. there were a few cracked lines that were very obvious. always check the line that comes off the gas spout, it runs to a canister under the car, usually this one is cracked (sometimes you will get a fuel type smell) many of the bulbs in the dash go out as well, also got a bunch of those at the junkyard. besides that, these cars are tanks and run great, and feel like your driving a Cadillac.
I bought my Volvo S90 just last year, and it is as great as everyone says. I just recently encountered my first problem, the Air Pump. The air pump bracket broke causing the pump to lean onto the engine. A very hot screw melted a whole into the pump. The pump now makes a very loud whistling sound when the pump turns on. I want to know if it is safe to drive with the pump disconnected, or if there is a quick fix to the problem?
I purchased My 1998 S90 with 150,000 miles on it. I found it parked on the side of the road for sale. Considering the Age I expected there to be a few problems and yes it had the Common problems, found an oil leak though it was a rear main however after further investigation found the Flame Trap (PCV Valve for Domestic Cars) to be the culprit replaced and no more leak, had to add a little freon to AC, new brakes, new struts and bushings in front end. and WOW this car now has 185,000 miles on it, it gets 22 mpg, rides and drives better than most new domestic cars......the great thing about this car is the Pre-Ford influence on Quality and Craftsmanship. I would recommend this car to Everyone, however they do require a little tinkering so if you're not car savy plan to spend a fortune at the Dealership they are proud of their investment to train people to work on these cars. if you ever need replacement parts fcpgroton is a great source for most maintenance parts.......

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love my 98 volvo s90 but lord help you if you have to replace feul pump.
best car volvo EVER made - one of the best cars for the money of any brand !
i have owned three of them - will keep buying the 98 s90 as long as i can find clean ones - no need to get a different type car till then -