2008 Volvo S80 Reviews and Owner Comments

2008 Volvo S80 owners review and rate their 2008 Volvo S80.

2008 Volvo S80 (3 Reviews)
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No caster adjustment capability. Accurate wheel alignment is impossible. Brand new tires every 15,000 miles. 82,000 miles and 4 sets of new Continental tires. EXPEEENSIVE. Local "wheel alignment shops all say "is well within specs". Hard pull to right, then a new alignment to make it go left, then nasty front tire wear. Impossible to align car with a center line of steering. Very disappointing. Car is always in a controlled skid and in a state understeer, then over correction, then back to understeer and on and oon and on.
What a lemon, alternator replacement for $2000, battery replacement, oil seal replacement for $2250, steering lock problem and the list goes on but when it work's... that v8 sounds and performs reallllllly good
car lookis and runs great with the v-8. suspension is a little floaty and steering could be crisper as far as responsiveness goes. have had no problems with it except for a slight vibration at highway speeds, this may be from a slightly bent wheel that is being straightend. Previuos owner must have hit a pothole. seats are fantasic, wery comfortable. really enjoy the car overall.