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2002 Volvo S80 (3 Reviews)
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When its behavior issues are fixed it is amazing. It likes to eat strut mounts the most... If you buy one get it cheep because people dont maintain these well. If you keep up on maintenance you will be ok.... Definitely buy a icarsoft 906i scanner and the necessary tools to work on this car. If you have no clue it will cost a bit more.....
very nice car I purchased it two yrs. ago at 145,000 miles but recently been having transmission shifting issues. the car seems to not want to shift to second gear rpm just goes up but no acceleration. I had the tranny flushed and filter changed but it still slips. I took it to a transmission shop but they couldn't diagnose the problem because it's intermittent. It slips on the way to the shop then it starts to run fine right before the mechanic hooks the computer to it. Anybody has a remedy for this problem. I'm trying to avoid taking it to the dealer because they are extremely expensive.
'02 S80 T6 purchase new and only owner, I now have 120K on the car.
1) Leather interior driver seat and hand break boot quality is average.
2) Brakes excellent other than normal wear.
3) Drive Train, average. ocassional program patch to enhance shifting.
4) Electrical/ Lights, brake lights always reporting bulb failure. Bad contact.
5) Engine, T6 is powerful but have ocassional top engine mount replace.
6)Exhaust/Emissions, average.
7) heating/ AIr, fan noise had to be replaced
8) Suspension/Steering, front suspension components have to be replace. Control arm, strut upper mount seat, end links, and ball joints.