2001 Volvo S80 Reviews and Owner Comments

2001 Volvo S80 owners review and rate their 2001 Volvo S80.

2001 Volvo S80 (6 Reviews)
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2001 S-80 T-6 Exec Model. Replaced Tranny under warranty at around 80k miles; when warranty expried at 100k, so did the engine at 112k, and the car had been maintained at each service interval with Volvo dealership. $5K later and engine replaced (used), having an issue with battery, will not hold a charge, on my second new battery. Alternator checks out good. Nobody can tell what's drawing it down. Replace either tail light and "position" bulbs constantly, what started out pretty nice has turned into a money-pit!
Fabulous vehicle...2001 with 202000 mi.
Best car I ever had. Had it for 3 years and starts up every time and has a nice smooth ride. Haven't had to put a lot of money in it either.
The vehicle runs well, we have over 130K on our 2001. The issues we encountered were with the brake line (connection to rear wheel) and a ABS module problem.
The best thing about S80’s is they’re good looking except the rear end and some poorly done details.

But, I have trouble getting comfortable in any seat and the outward visibility from the driver’s seat to the rear and from the rears seats forward is bad so trips aren’t fun.
Also reliability is the worst of any car I have had (except maybe a Volvo 240, a mechanic recommended junking it at about 130,000 miles).

Pieces fall off somewhat regularly (side marker light, tail light, fuel line retainer, which left the fuel lines dragging on the road, windshield wiper, exterior side molding, weather-stripping). Most of these pieces just snap on without mechanical fasteners.
I recently spend $2500 to get it through inspection less than a year after spending $2200 on repairs (and having the throttle repaired and transmission software tuned up under warranty). A wheel bearing, control arm bushing, power steering reservoir, anti roll bar links, AC parts, cooling fan, several electrical relays and window regulator have all been replaced outside the warranty, all before reaching 70,000 miles. My 87 Buick with 165,000 miles has had way less work done.
Occasionally, it gets stuck in Park. After trying repeatedly, so far, I have managed to get it in gear. It seems pressing hard on the brake pedal helps.
Now the driver’s seat chatters and groans when moving forward or back. I guess that’s the next thing that will need attention. The leather is looking very shabby so maybe I should replace the whole seat?

My T6 has 160,000kms on the clock and has actually been very reliable.