1999 Volvo S80 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Volvo S80 owners review and rate their 1999 Volvo S80.

1999 Volvo S80 (3 Reviews)
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Always love the body style of the 1999 S80. Great highway cruiser. Hauls lots of stuff. Expensive to maintain, I don't consider 150,000 miles excessive since they are all easy miles of open highway and around town. Trottle body replacement, ABS module, and aot of other check engine light problems. Most annoying, false reports of Gas Cap loose warnings. Alarm system failure. Love the car, scrap the electronics! Will never buy another volvo.
I was a single parent and college student looking for a newer car, I was going to go with a honda accord, but found a volvo S80 and thought with two teenagers that would be driving soon that would be the safer bet. Safer maybe, but riddled with problems from the begining. Throttle body replacement 2 months out of warranty, transmission problems that the dealer cant seem to fix, check engine light on for two years now, came on after the dealer worked on it. Service engine light on, and there is nothing cheap about this car. The dealer has all the software so I feel like I am at their mercy, and being a female does not help. I will never buy another Volvo again.
I thought buying the new S80 would be a good idea, and I was wrong. I bought the T-6 the first year it came out and had many problems. Check engine light, bulbs that constantly burn out, and oil leaks to name a few. It was a nice car to drive when all was working, but it had too many problems. I heard they fixed many of the problems after a couple years, but stay away from the 1999 model!