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1998 Volvo S70 owners review and rate their 1998 Volvo S70.

1998 Volvo S70 (9 Reviews)
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2nd owner. Have had it 12 years, 100k+ miles driven by me. All the usual problems of other s70s. 4 time volvo owner, but this is the last. Expensive parts as the car ages. $1000 every time I take it to the shop. Front wheel drive just not the same on the newer volvo cars and sadly nothing special. Not bad for a european car but others are better.
I am second owner, bought from medical supply salesman. Had 46,000 miles on it when I got it 12 years ago, Has 189,000 now. Have loved loved loved this car since the minute I laid eyes on it and drove it. Normal upkeep, except for those infamous Volvo brakes of course. Black, turbo, with rear spoiler, leather seats, sunroof. Oh my. Breaks my heart, but gonna have to give it up. Gigantic buck ran into me this week, caved the driver's side in. Raised two girls in that car. Just doesn't make economic sense to have it repaired. Can't afford another Volvo. Will always remain my favorite car ever.
The coolant fan comes on automatically once I turn the ignition and the engine is cold. I replaced the thermostat. Whatelse could be wrong?
Sadly we note with passing our beloved 1998 S70 T5! After 270,000 miles. Something about burning a valve. Up to this point, with the exception of burning through tires and replacing the AC once; it has fun flawlessly. We are the only owner. We bought it in Colorado, lived in Seattle, then Birmingham AL now back to Denver. It has seen everything from snow, heat, humidity, and lots of long road trips. Completely reliable. Now looking for an S80. Great car. Served us well. And yes we are experts at changing lights, front and back. No big deal, not a technical event. Good luck
Many problems over the years. Now has 125K with multiple failures. Have pumped almost $4,000 into it. Waiting for the Optima hybrid to be released this spring. Never going Volvo again.
We have owned Volvo since new. Ongoing problems with tail light bulbs (since new). We just learn to live with it. Fixed a/c once ($2100 to remove dash). Love the passing power of GLT (turbo). Tons of war stories about great mileage. Once average +27 MPG over 3100 mile trip to AZ and back to TX. Most at TX freeway speeds +80. Just returned from WI pulling medium sized UHaul trailer. Plenty of power to tow.
We are in process of buying different car (hate to see Volvo go) but it's getting long in the tooth. We're looking at Infiniti M35, Cadillac CTS and Genesis.
I am the owner of this car.

I have had no major problems keeping up with regular servicing. The brake lights seem to go out more than other cars but the replacement is cheap and easy to do myself.
I'm the only owner on this car.
It's safe, reliable, solid. It's never once broken down on me.

However, I've had ongoing problems with the electrical system and AC. There are always dashboard lights on despite it being in tip top shape. And I have to get the AC charged once every couple years.
Despite problems, I love this car. After 160k, it's still tight as day one. I bought it when my daughter was 6, and now she's driving it, just as I planned. Just find a good tech. who knows his Volvos. They're different.