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2004 Volvo S60 (5 Reviews)
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2001 Volvo S-60 T-5 Manual trans. Bought new while stationed in Germany 10 years ago. Love the car but have a problem everyone should be aware of. First I'll give you some back ground on the car. I have stayed on top of all services and Changed oil religiously every 5000 miles with full synthetic oil until this last oil change. The car currently has 147,000 miles and drives great especially for a car of its age. If maintained well I would say this car is above average for what you could expect from most cars. A few common repairs I have made and would expect from this model all after 100,000 miles. New front axles, new front wheel bearings, front struts, Timing belt service, Turbo oil seal, and electronic throttle module. The car currently has an issue that after thorough trouble shooting is contributable to ETHANOL FUEL!!!! I'm a helicopter maintenance test pilot for the U.S. Army so I'm experienced at noting symptoms and the conditions in which they occur. However it took my local dealership 2 of their techs and me to figure this out. SYMTOMS, Hesitation while accelerating and or while driving at a constant speed. Random trouble idling and infrequently dyeing while pushing the clutch in at low speeds or at a complete stop. Faint smell of gas in the car after experiencing symptoms. You may also notice the Fuel econ average on the trip computer get better by 1 to 1-1/2 MPG, and the cruise control has a problem staying engaged. PROBLEM/SOLUTION - Ethanol fuel has eaten at the one way check valve in the gas tank allowing fuel to pass into the Charcoal canister. The Canister is soaking wet with fuel causing the computer to lean out the car (thinking the car is running rich). When the car has less than 3/4 tank of gas all problems go away. PERMANAT FIX - Replace tank and charcoal canister with original D code plastic 80 liter tank (Non-Ethanol friendly). The check valve is inside the tank and not replaceable nor repairable.
We bought our 2004 S-60 because we were happy spending a bit more for a "safe" car. On that count, the car hasn't dissappointed. However, we began to have a problem with the car surging (accelerate-pause-accelerate-pause-accelerate-pause, etc) under hard acceleration above 55 mph. We took it into the Volvo specialists shop. A new fuel pump, a new fuel filter, a new fuel injection sensor (not the correct name) and $1200 later and it still does the same thing. The engine management is producing zero error messages. (the thinks its running just fine). We are ready to sell the car now three years later after $7000 worth of depreciation.
This is the worst car I ever had . Trans went and engine has low pressure Thus far it is a money pit
For the second time this car has simply lost power and steering and left my 18 year old by the side of the road. All the gauges suddenly dropped and the car lost power. A quick check on the car on the net showed a large number of people reporting the same troubles with their cars, and four recalls on this model. Having had 8 Hondas and or Acuras, I have never been left sitting by any of them. Luckily there is a Honda dealer across from the service dept for the Volvo dealership.
Fantastic car! Still drives and feels new - inside and out! I wish it had a smaller turning radius, but that's bigger because of having the premium wheels so it would be a trade-off. Oh, and the center console cupholder cover is apparently not rugged enough. I had one replaced under warranty and one hinge on it broke again a few years later through normal wear, however, it's hundreds of dollars to replace because you have to take so much of the center console off to get at it. Bummer! It's definitely functional, just not perfect.