2002 Volvo S60 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Volvo S60 owners review and rate their 2002 Volvo S60.

2002 Volvo S60 (6 Reviews)
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This car looks great, but it's very expensive to maintain. And all Volvo Dealers are not honest and forthright with their prices on parts and labor, especially if you are a woman. Do your homework! each dealer has it's own prices on parts and labor. I have found that the Volvo dealer nearest me (SCOTT VOLVO OF LEHIGH VALLEY, PA) are especially into ripping off their clients. I asked for a price on service for the same thing at two different times and got two different prices. Also when checking other Volvo Dealer's part prices in the area they ALL were at least 70-90% cheaper. So if you can find a good mechanic specializing on Foreign cars stick with them. Overall the only thing that I've had a constant problem with were the lights bulbs (all the way around). I've owned several cars and I've never had to change the light bulbs for the headlights or rear lights as much.
Safe and comfortable. But expensive to mantainance.
great fun comfortable car
Wonderful car sold on Volvo for life now. Looking forward to getting 200,000 + miles on it.
I had this car for 3 years and the only problem was last year with a fuel leak but Volvo knew tha so exteded the warranty on my fuel pump and i just had it replace at the dealer free of charge, great car, beautiful design, and the new S60 looks even better...
This car is a great car if you are looking for a cross between luxury and speed. It handles great and stops on a dime. And its quite pretty. However some of the draw backs of this vehicle are, if you dont have a good paying job this is not the car for you. This car is meticulous that unless you have a mechanic who specializes in Volvo's you will always be at the dealer. Considering that everything has its own computer need I say more. If you throw any codes you are going to have to go to the dealer just to have it reset which can cost you anything from $60-$90, and for something that takes 15mins is really upsetting. Common problems are tranny problems (valve body & sotware upgrades), tires, and sunroof (electical). Also make sure you keep up on the mantainance of this car cause if not you surely will be sent to the poor house. Love my Volvo s60 though!!!!