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2005 Volvo S40 (6 Reviews)
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I recently walked out to my car to notice that the right brake light cover is smashed. Anyone have an estimate as to how much this will cost to replace?
I have 110,000 and have been extremely happy with the car. Extended the warranty and pretty much everything needing repair was normal wear. Plan to drive it to 200,000
I have a 2005 Volvo S40 that I got about 5.5 years ago. i got it for the safety and reliability- or so I thought. About three years ago it started falling apart. I had to replace a balljoint, shocks and struts, rotors, etc. I am currently on my 3rd set of tires. The drain lines CONSTANTLY get clogged causing water to back up in the floorboards. Everytime I go in for something simple like an oil change or an inspection, I end up having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for for unexpected repairs. The over all cost of maitenance of this car is a flat out nightmare- Steer clear.
the car is not yet 6 years old and i am told that the passenger air bag sensors are burned out - the repair cost $1700+ dollars - i thought volvo was a dependable safe car but at the cost of their repairs it is not worth it - i could get a engine for the price of a small sensor - the air bag never deployed - the car was never in an accident and i am told these things just wear out - WHY should it wear out - very very disappointed
My car has approx. 27,000 miles and I'm already starting to have problems with it (starter contorl unit, radio, A/C). I was hoping to keep it for a long time but in this case I'm planning to replace it with a Toyota. What a disappointment, I was convinced Volvo was one of the best. Not any more...
Fank very good car.