2003 Volvo S40 Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Volvo S40 owners review and rate their 2003 Volvo S40.

2003 Volvo S40 (1 Review)
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I love my 2003 S-40 yes now i am starting to have problems the neighbors. scrathes on my car there is a screw in every tire so i need a set of tires, i put a ball joint on the front right wheel, i put a alternator on. now when i turn the key it will not say a word ,i hear it could be te starter, or a relay switch, but i have my 22year old son driving my car and a drunk boyfriend. i hear nice car a lot i want my baby fixed, or i cannot forget to mention my car get up, i need a wheel alignment also,do not let your family drive your car. i love my car so much i have the alarm system,i went and brought the club also.I LOVE MY BABY!