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2009 Volvo C70 (2 Reviews)
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2009 VOLVO C70
I bought this 2009 a couple months ago. Incredibly, it has just 25,000 miles on it. I have all records and the previous owner had essentially no problems with it, other than the REAR brakes being done twice, which is unusual. I do all my own auto work short of automatic transmissions and this car so far has needed nothing.

It is very quiet with the top up, quieter than my 2001 S60 T5. It is low to the ground compared with an S60, and the seats are very firm but not uncomfortable. I am surprised at the handling complaints others have; I drive this up and down the mountains every weekend and with good tires it handles fine. The front brakes shudder dramatically when they get hot (still on original pads) and the factory front discs appear to be flawed with pits in them which catch and retain pad material, causing this.

The base stereo sounds quite decent. The engine runs great and if I obey the speed limit I can easily break 30 mpg on trips. Otherwise about 24 mpg if you throw in some commuting.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this car.
2009 VOLVO C70
I have had my 2009 C70 T5 for over two months. Bout it from a friend. I've had to replace the front right axle and left wheel bearings after 100,000 miles and will have to replace the front control arms soon. Besides that, it's been a good car. Fun to drive and very comfortable. I wish it got better mileage but when the top is down you tend to not care about that as much. When I mash the brakes the front tires shake, but that may be brakes. I really love the style and look and performance.