1998 Volvo C70 Reviews and Owner Comments

1998 Volvo C70 owners review and rate their 1998 Volvo C70.

1998 Volvo C70 (3 Reviews)
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Hey Great Falls, MT,
If your car is like my 98' C70 it's more than likely that a spring has fallen off of your passenger seat. It's located near the rotating hinge where the seat folds forward/backward.. The spring holds a metal arm against a connection so when the seat is manually put forward the controls dis-engage (safety feature). When the spring falls off the arm becomes loose and no long makes the connect. Run your hand behind the seat along the outer hinge. You'll feel a small metal arm that should be just sort of hanging. If you push it forward u'll hear a click! Try your motor controls if they work, then that's your problem. Can't help u w/ a solution because the spring is almost impossible to get back on.
love this car. just wish i could find out how to make the passenger seat work. looks like there has been a recall on this, can i still bring it in for repair?
The C70 is a fun car to drive! I think it is the first Volvo convertible, and although I had a few problems with the top and the windows, they were addressed under the Volvo warranty. When the sun is out, the C70 is a blast!