1991 Volvo 240 Reviews and Owner Comments

1991 Volvo 240 owners review and rate their 1991 Volvo 240.

1991 Volvo 240 (4 Reviews)
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great car will last for ever
I purchased this car for $1 and it has been running for 4 years. New brakes, fuel pump, radiator, water pump, alternator, battery, and frequent oil changes... all done by myself. This car is so solid. They sure don't make'em like this anymore.
228.000 Kilometer later it is as drumtight as it was 19 years ago.
The doorhandles are nailbrakers, but the structural integrity of the car
is rather unique.
It is very strong,cheap on gas sounds new just as bad as old, so don`t worry and it is cheap to fix
I have the 240 Wagon and this is my daily driver, it has 230k miles and it doesn't appear to want to stop anytime soon. The regular upkeep is not too bad, it seems like some stuff wears out often, like the suspension and brakes. My daughter will be driving in a few years and I hope to keep it so she can have it for her first car.