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2008 Volkswagen R32 (2 Reviews)
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This car is what I would call a "sleeper." You see it on the road and say to yourself: "Another VW; big deal." Well, this one, the R32 ('08 edition), is a BIG DEAL! It goes faster than any sane person would want to go, let alone need to go. It steers as if it's on a rail; where you point it, it will go, in part, attributable to the standard four wheel drive. The engine has a lot of heart, always ready to pull, and this with conventional aspiration, no turbo. The exhaust note is sweet, delivering a sound that lets you know it been tweaked. I would like an overdrive gear. The double-clutch transmission has six speeds, all of which are optimized to deliver performance. At cruising speeds on a highway an "economy gear" would be nice. Even without an "overdrive," the R32 will deliver 30 mpg when driven within the speed limit with moderate acceleration and braking. If you want to match your speed to most other vehicles on an interstate highway, you'll have to settle for approximately 27 mpg. Did I mention the transmission? Your choices of how your R32 is going to shift is mind-boggling. Normal automatic; sport automatic; mannual w/stick; manual w/paddles. You can temporarily switch to "paddle mode" and back to automatic without you hands leaving the steering wheel. Also I mustn't neglect to observe the "cracking" exhaust note as it matches the rpm on you downshifts. As I said eariler ~ SWEET! ! ! ! The only area where I downgraded the R32 was on the lights. There's a nice set of fog or driving lights (I don't know which) already installed. I'm guessing they're legal in Europe, but apparently not in the United States. The write-ups on the car were "up front" about this. You can't turn them on; the dealer can't turn them on. I assume VW could, but won't. Too bad; nice lights. Have checked the blogs in the past, but never found anything telling how to get around this difficulty. My word choice, not VW's.
The Germans sure know how to build a car. The fit and finish of the car is incredible. I've had mostly American cars all my life. Then I bought my first and VW 06 GTI Mark five. L. in love with it. Then I got my R 32 and will never buy anything but them again.