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2007 Volkswagen Passat owners review and rate their 2007 Volkswagen Passat.

2007 Volkswagen Passat (5 Reviews)
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My Wolfsburg edition just turned 67,000 and its one of the best vehicles I have owned. I had a few problems during the warranty period but other then routine maintenance items its been a fantastic vehicle. The 2.0T FSI is a great design with excellent performance. I believe VW has made a mistake by terminating the Wolfsburg edition to pursue a broader base with lower costs.

When you compare the price point against BMW or Audi the Passat represents great value with European styling, class and fit.

I would buy another 2007 tomorrow instead of the 2012 or 2012 Passat.

bought my 07 vw passat one year ago with 37000 miles in it ,now pushing 80.000 miles the car has been practially flawess with unbelieveable power from the 2.o power plant after owning over a hundred automobiles in my life time , this car is truly top shelf !i truly could'nt ask for anything better. straight line performance will smoke most cars ! 30 plus miles per gallon comfortable ,handles like a bmw if not better ! woul i invest in another one ? you darn right !!...BOB
My 86k 2007 VW Passat engine siezed up 4 days after an oil change. I was driving, the oil pressure light came on, then immediately started making a loud noise, I immediately stopped the car and got it towed. I was notified by the dealer that there was sludge that caused low pressure and hence the engine siezing up.
I had taken to car to the VW dealer I bought it at numerous times complaining of high oil consumption and that the engine sounded like it was working too hard, but they could never find anything wrong with it. I will never buy or recommend a VW again.
I bought this car 2 months ago. The first problem I had was every time I started the car, the under carriage shook. I took it into the shop and they kicked the muffler and said nothing was the matter. The next problem I have is that the vents on the dash are at an angle such that they can't blow full at your chest or stomach. The vents close when angling them down. Oh, and that carriage shaking? That was the catalytic converter and turbo pipe cracking/breaking making the car sound like a rusted out 1978 datsun (LOUD!).
I do love the comfort and look of the car though.
I wonder why the air condition takes to long to blow cold air?