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2000 Volkswagen Passat owners review and rate their 2000 Volkswagen Passat.

2000 Volkswagen Passat (4 Reviews)
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I got the passat 4 motion which is 4wd. Pretty cool to use on winter time. but here are the commons. front suspension corrodes and hard to remove so you end up replacing all components. caliper rear just crapped out on me. but thats ok, rust in illinois is my enemy, thats just mother nature who am i to complain? :) very good car solid. and maintenance is not so bad. i will be driving this one for awhile.
i bought this car from my Aunt and it is a cute and fun car to have but being 11yrs old it has a lot of issues. 158,000 miles on it now.

Faulty ABS Module $925 repair - i'm not fixing that!

Sunroof drains clogged and flooded the inside of my car, ruining the carpet - reimbursed by settlement for lawsuit $125 at VW dealership

Upper control arm joint loose $250 repair

Ignition coil replacement -idk what that's gonna cost me yet $450 hopefully less

BAD oil leak! Needs valve cover gasket and tensioner seal; VW dealership wanted $650! yeah right...

O2 Sensors need to be replaced $300 repair

Back right window doesn't roll down but rolls up...

My 6-disc CD changer went out but thank god for cassette tape adapters and ipods!

Other than that I love the turbo and it's a nice car but not worth keeping for more than 6-8 years.
When I bought this, I thought I was getting a very nice car. The exterior and interior was what sold me. However, it has been a pain in my a@#. Not only does it have major electrical issues, it's also expensive to fix. It started with the ABS module failing on me while driving on the freeway. Imagine the horror I felt going 70 mph when all of a sudden, I hear a beeping noise and then blinking brakes lights. Ever since then, I've been haunted. When I got my car towed for an illegal parking, all kinds of noises have been going off - it sounds as if I'm driving with the car door open. Then, I have had to replace the clutch and flywheel because of the steep hills here in Seattle. Now, 3 days later, I replaced the alternator only to have a check engine and battery light come on. To be driving on the freeway and only being able to go 60-65 mph while gasing it all the way down is very troubling. I would only sell this car to someone I don't like. Anyone know how to get some money out of the cash guzzling junk?
Very Reliable. Best car I have ever bought.
No major problems.Love the htd seats and the quiet comfortable ride. The passat is a fun and enjoyable family car!