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2008 Volkswagen Jetta (4 Reviews)
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Just bought my 2008 SE 2.5 6 speed Auto last week. Got a solid deal from a VW dealer in central NJ. Certified/ balance of BTB Warrantee till June, 2012, then 2/24 over that. Drive is excellent. 170 HP with good PEP. Seats are comfortable. Good features overall. Blue lights on the speedometer/tachometer look very sharp at night. Nice sounding radio. I love the AUX hookup for my little IPOD Shuffle. CONS: whats with the lack of a middle setting for the headlamps/ interior lights? Not alot of storage space for the wallet & misc etc. That darn VW brake dust on the alloy rims!!!!! (GRRR) The power door locks arent working correctly. Took it in today to a local VW Dealer, they say they replaced (2) latches. The doors still dont lock right & did not lock at all on the highway today.
I bought this 2008 Jetta 2.5L new with minimal options. The car is quick, it handles well, and the brakes are fine for most driving situations. Fit and finish are pretty good, there are no rattles or major interior issues after 3 years. The cloth seats are a little hard under the knee but reasonably comfortable for trips under 4-5 hours, I should have gone with leather and the cold weather package.

Pros: Quick, reliable and economical engine, the car goes where you point it. This is a good commuter car, fill the tank 3/4 once a week and no worries. Not too bad in snow without snow tires, though I'd recommend you not risk getting stuck. Fairly good value for the money.

Cons: Electrical issues with lights, trunk sensor (2x) and driver side door harness. At 90k miles a small oil leak at back of the engine (main seal). For some reason, VW thinks it is a good idea for this Jetta model to run an aux air pump/compressor (A/C) for 15-30 sec. at virtually every engine startup -- regardless of recent A/C use. The thing sounds awful when you start an engine that would otherwise idles quietly.
I've had no problems with my Jetta and everyone compliments me on the looks. My brother is the only other person that has driven it and commented on the brakes being better than his Cadillac. Love it!
I bought my 2008 jetta brand new, and loved this car. At 50,050 miles, 50 miles past warranty the air conditioning blew up and will cost $2,300 to fix. VW would offer no assistance since it was 50 miles beyond warranty. At the same time of the AC blowing up the from windows will no longer go down, which is awesome in this east coast heatwave.