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2007 Volkswagen Jetta (4 Reviews)
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I really love the VW engine (2007 VW Jetta 2.5L) but around 130,000 miles the car thinks the Trunk is always open (the dummy light for the trunk being open on the dash display is always on, even when its not open) and wouldn't activate alarm (but car would lock/unlock) for the longest time. Until all of a sudden at 150,000 miles the car alarm will activate now, however car still thinks trunk is open. Very weird. Haven't been able to get into troubleshooting much. Wish we had some VW Jetta wiring diagrams. Don't want to pay hundreds for a dealer to "fix" it. So far doesn't affect the way it drives. After about 120,000 miles the car started sounding more rough and less smooth. I guess that's to be expected. Engine still going strong as far as I know. Regular maintenance (for the most part) has been done when I can afford it. I also have a smell problem with vent system. Kept thinking it was the cabin filter but after looking on "repair pal" I realize its not. I just deal with it. I live near a mushroom farm because its cheap. So whatever.
I like the car ad the way it drives, however , it has been plagued by some electrical gremlins, door and window lock modules, phantom alarms, sporadic battery draws.
Since I bought my Jetta 2.5 2007, I have not had any problems. It's been great! I traded in a 2004 Passat TDI (which I bought brand new), because the Jetta 2.5 2007 was nicer in every way! I was sold the moment I saw it.
Just purchased a 2007 Jetta automatic for my college daughter. This was based on my 2009 Jetta automatic that I drive daily for work (company car). Excellent styling, handling, tight body, and peppy engine. The 2009 has 49,000 miles and is as tight and good driving as my 2009. Car has excellent seats, which are very comfortable for long drives of 6-8 hours. Huge trunk and very roomy back seat (I can sit and cross my legs, and I am 6 foot tall.