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2005 Volkswagen Jetta (7 Reviews)
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Neither the local Dealer or the VW of America will do anything about it the Air harness problem in my 2005/2.5 Jetta. I have started a class action lawsuit email me if you need more info
If your Jetta has had issues with the Door wiring harness you must watch this video see link below:
I have the 2005.5 New Jetta and overall I am pretty happy with my car. I have owned it since new, and I have racked up 110000 + miles. It drives like new, but the headliner is falling. Trunk latch will mess up from time to time. Radio buttons are gone for the most part. I installed an after market Sony with Bluetooth. So that is not an issue now.

The car was shifting very hard, and just about the time I noticed it. A letter came in the mail from VW for a valve body (transmission part)recall for hard shifts, perfect timing.

Bigger issues I once needed a full brake job cause the pad were basically harder than the roters. So pads were 100% but my roters were toast. The ignition switch messed up to the point were my key would not go in, and I ended up breaking a screw driver off inside it. It was a very pricy repair, but the car gets me from work and home daily and gets roughly to 34 mpg.
Okay I just want to point out that If you buy a car used you don't know what the previous owner did or didn't do for the car. I know I read something about someone complaning about the body and interer that one pulls a red flag for me as it sounds like the car was hit/ Fix wrong and sold to you. You have to look out for you when buying Used BIG TIME no matter who is selling it. LOL I get No it's never been hit... Look under the hood and well well all I see is crumbles there responce... Oh really it's been hit...

I have owned a new right off the lot 2003 Jetta, I put about 185,000 Miles on it with only changing Spark plugs once... It did get stuck in 3rd and the dealer told me it was because the fluid was low they filled, Fixed, for free.. Even washed it for me :)I had problems with the trunk latch and I fixed that my self. It was just the plastic piece getting stuck. Other then that it was a wonderful car. I drove the hell out of it.

I now have a 2005 Jetta GLI about 79,000 Miles I was the 2nd owner on this one... Now keep in mind about what I said above about used cars... I had it 4 day's and the alternator went out.. Okay its used I understand. they fixed for fee... (Car Max) I have changed the water pump, Timing belt, Aux water pump, water pump hose, Coils, Coolant Cap, and now I'm told I have valve cover leak and cam seal leak. So buying used really isn't a good Idea LOL... Also Never get your work done at a Dealer they are WAAAAAAAAAY to pricy the only work I ever get done there is if its free... best way for you to get your car checked is if they have a recall they will tell you everything that is wrong with it... have them write it all down and get quotes or do it yourself some of the stuff they do is REALLY EASY! I just had my car checked (for free) they quotecd me $1,055.00 to fix the Aux water pump valve cover and cam seal... I just bought the parts to do this for about $150.00 Yeah I don't think I would do the cam seal myself but I know I can find someone to do it under $905.00 more like for about $200.00 total cost for me was about $350.00 I saved $705.00

VW Jetta's have been my best cars so far for the price. Plus if you don't buy the parts or have the work done from the dealer they are very cheep to fix. For the 2005 Jetta GLI I think I have only spent maybe over $1,000.00 to get all that fixed. If I would have got it done thru the dealer it easly would have been over $5,000 -$7,000.00. Bottom line all cars break and if you have problems don't take no for an answer. (Car Max tried to say it was my fault! OH hell no! lol I got it all done for free) Don't get ripped off. I love my VW and if they didn't change the body style in late 2005 I would be buying another one. NEW!!!! :)
This car has been great to me. Bought it used still with factory warranty and had a complete inspection prior to it running out. The only things that needed to be done is blow out the drian line for the sunroof and replace the rear seat arm rest. The interor smelled until I changed the cabin air filter which was a little hard to find the first time but easy to do. The only I dislike about my jetta is the sound system, it pops and snaps. I know that I need to replace the speakers, just suprised so soon. Overall a great car!
I LOVE the suspension and steering! Heavy, road hugging. Great pickup and go. Head light goes on and off. NE winters are cold and so is my car for the first 6 miles....then I feel the heat!!! I have even used a small blanket to and from work when temperature is in the teens. As soon as the warrentee was up, my driver side door had electrical
problem. Master door with all the controls went hay wire. Cost over $700.00 to repair. Today as I type this my car has been towed to the dealer ship. Something popped in the engine. Engine light came on. My car felt like it was traveling over railroad tracks and exhaused filled the car and smoke came pouring out the tail pipes. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the call from the repair shop.
My first and last volkswagen! I researched carefully and thought there might be electrical problems (there were many + cruise failed twice and very expensive to repair I finally gave up on 3rd failure). I wanted a diesel engine for the higher mileage and fuel savings. I serviced it meticulously at VW dealership (timing belt, all servicing done right on schedule). Car engine dropped a valve at 180,000 km left me and my young children stranded in the middle of a packed 6 lane highway (needed emergency rescue to exit car to safety). VW offered nothing except offer to let me buy another new car from them (no deals)...I bought this car brand new and always VW serviced it...expected a lot more. I always had Hondas before and they were still running like a charm (no oil even being used) at 240,000 km+ with a gasoline engine. I have since heard that one can expect anything with VW made after 2004....German engineering made in Mexico is not the same. VW is a great little car as long as you do not mind buying it several times over and over and over again!
Having persistent problems with electric system. It's as if there is a ghost in there. Hazard lights go off at will - windshield washer comes on once every other day - and not a drop of rain falling here in south Texas! Have had to replace the CD/Radio three times . Knobs fall off the seat control.... But I love this car--am fortunate to have an excellent VW dealer.