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2004 Volkswagen Jetta (8 Reviews)
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/ water pump has big issues.The water pump impeller is made of plastic and prone to leakage.It becomes highly expensive to replace, since anytime you replace the water pump,it is recommended to replace the timing belt.
04 vw jetta wagon diesel car runs fine while driving but skips occassionally shuts off while idiling but continues to restart. Oil was recently low and changed oil and filter trying to eliminate problem. Problem continues, changed fuel filter also. Also put 911 diesel treatment in fuel but did not solve problem.
Bought mine new. At 70,000 miles, have had to replace fuel pump, water pump timing belt ,battery, tires. Still like the car. Only issues: I'm short so the visors are too short and don't block out enough sun when down. Also, the driver's side wipers creates a large arch and doesn't clean the window. Real issue in winter when snow/road salt dirty the window. Can't see my right side due to the 'arch of dirt' that isn't cleaned from my window due to the wiper blades.
Bought at 40K. Now have 105K. Besides breaks, oil, filter, and tires the only major repair has been the temperature sensor, which set me back around $200.

Love the handling. Manual transmission is rather tight. The GL version has ABSOLUTELY NO POWER. I can't imagine running an automatic with this engine -- Geo Metros would be faster.

Gonna get a Mazda in two years...or perhaps whenever this little car decides to die. I've always had mixed feelings about this car, but have been somewhat happy about its reliability thus far.
bought a 2005 (last year for this generation) last year. It had 15k on it, but it was still junk. The 2.0L I4 is horribly underpowered matched to an antiquated 4-spd auto, the shifts are rough, you need to mash the pedal to the floor to get the car to go with traffic, the brakes are fair at best. In a VW if the ABS comes on and you still skid, it will let go of the brakes.

The seats are firm and back breaking. The car is so cheap, if you jump a curb, the front bumper hooks onto the curbs and so the bumper gets yanked off when you put the thing in reverse. The nice thing is being able to snap the bumper back on, but it never alligns right again.

The headlights housing fog up and yellow very quickly, and I'm not sure why there is a switch for the brights because they really aren't there. The electrical system is junk. You close a window and you can see the headlights dim.

The mileage is good, but it could be better with a better engine, transmission, or both.

Don't waste your time on this car. Spend the extra money and get the newer ones.
Have this car since it was a baby (ie. new), now has 96k on it. It handles very good, I can get into tight places and make turns while accelerating. The engine sometimes feels like it wishes for a day off (not too much power on the 2.0L, I guess) but overall it's very reliable. The front bumper ground clearance could have been a bit higher though, I keep having problem with the bumper scratching the pavement that other sedans didn't seem to have problem with. The replacements from the original parts seem to be subpar quality even though they are "official parts from the factory". Had to replace the brakes at 60k, wheels at 50k or so. Front axle was replace about 3 years ago (probably my fault though). The cost of replace a CV outer rubber boot (last week) with the dealership is $240 ($200 is labor). Replaced the battery twice now (96k) at $110 each time. The interior couldn't hold up to the Houston summer heat (even though I used to have a Camry that interior held up well over 11 years), it started to melt the glue (?) that hold the fabric inside, now my top has a canopy feel about it, and the doors' fabric has fallen away and revealing the brown thing (glue?) inside. The dealership doesn't do "touch up" and would have just replace the whole entire top and doors, which is prohibitively expensive. I heard this happens to other VW and Audi cars too, so this might be an issue with the car's design itself and not just me parking my car outside at noon and no shade. Air conditioning could have been better, sometimes it takes a full 5 mins just to have cool air blowing (mechanic didn't think anything was wrong with it). I'm looking into upgrading, and the interior issue is a big thing for me so I'd probably not buying another VW until they fix that. Also, the 2-in-1 key is cool and convenient, but the replacement cost is way too much. And the lights seem to alternate and burn out every other week or so.
Generally like this car. Water pump and brake issues. Like the feel and handling.
Bought my Jetta with 26 miles on it - currently has more than 125,000 and running well. Only major work I've had done has been the catalytic converter and wheel bearings. The original brakes lasted over 80,000 miles. Wish I would have bought leather seats, but aside from that, it is a great car for me. (Also rather amusing to watch tall people attempt to cram into the back seat, but that's just an added bonus)