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2002 Volkswagen Jetta (15 Reviews)
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I bought my car from a private owner and my car has many problems like it ac fans or need new front fan both of them, needs a transmission,need passenger Door handle, needs abs ligth repair, brake fluid have be flush out, left signal light need to be repair, Driver side bearing need repair,driver side door handle need be repair. inside fabric needs be replace. front windshield needs be replace.What I know I Love my car once you get things fix repair they work wonderful. I got the AC fix i turn the ac on it is Ice Cold in my car and i have too sometimes turn the AC off because I am cold or freezing in my car and the more I get things fix the better the car drive.Most repairs price ranges at $200.00 dollars to $300.00 dollars a repair. So if you do not like spending this kind of money on car repair do not buy this car.
i stumbled onto my jet and was very happy until a few days of driving . the car had 67,000 miles on it but it has many problems, it uses oil ,the speedometer fluctuates so i cant use the cruise controll .the ac fan wont work , the check engine light stays on even if you fix the problem . broken interior plastic, the suspension sqeeks ,and it smells like crayons when it is hot outside .how did this car become so popular ? i now have 84.000 miles on it and am looking to ditch it.
I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8t, it's been chipped since birth, turbo upgrade, way above stock horse, and runs perfict. I guess some get lemons and some don't.
I have a 6 cylinder wagon with sport suspension/package. At 80K it started making a noise at idle, like a chka-chka-chka-chka fast, not real loud. I mentioned it before an oil change today and the mechanic heard it as well. Said it's the upper chain drive that is slipping and can cause serious engine damage if not fixed. To get to it requires removing the transmission so while they're in there may as replace the clutch, and check the cooling system. Now it's at 90K miles and I feel like I'm driving a ticking time bomb, it's over 2 grand to repair, but I will do it because I'm not up for buying someone else's problem when I've maintained it for ten years.
Ughhh, where do I begin.. So I bought my used 2002 VW jetta from the Hawthorne dealership for $5000 cash, they told me it ran perfect, nothing was wrong with it, I loved it when I bought it...So that was a month ago, I had my fiance change the oil, and when he looked under the car everything was totally rusted, and there was chunky oil and fluid all dried up all over under the car.. It is an automatic, and all of a sudden when i try to leave to go anywhere, my car wont shift, it stays in first and will not go into second and just rev's the RPM so high, so I have to pull over and let my car warm up for about 10 more minutes, very embarressing, and now they say there is nothing they can do about it, im a single mom and this totally sucks, cause it is so exspensive...
I bought my Jetta used with 125k miles on it . who ever had it never took care of it . it's engine at idle sounds like a old tractor, but runs like a race car , very zippie . the water pump went out , the plastic impeller broke . I found a new water pump with metal impeller at my local NAPA store and Gates makes a timing belt kit . it was using oil when I bought it and I changed it to the10w 30 snythetic blend and my oil use dropped from 1qt in 5k miles to 4 oz in 5 k miles . I am very happy with this car now. I put a few dollars into it but feel it will go for another 125k miles before I retire it . any car is as good as the care and maintence given it .
Made in Mexico- windows fall down because of cheap glue meant to hold glass in the guide mechanism. fake chrome on shifter peeled off.Armrest clip broke -cheap. Seat adjust round lever broke off-cheap design. Transmission is terrible terrible crap.Stereo - AMFM antenna gone and knobs broke off -cheap knobs. Lights burn out fast brake etc. -cops love to pull you over so have your license and regi ready.
Love my car, bu the poor thing is falling apart. I just got a new key reader and dash cluster (dash computer)... this is only the beginning. I love her so much though!
I have a 2002 VW jetta 1.8T. Have already put in another motor.Now the sorry thing has a leak somewhere.All the antifreeze blowed out of it all over the hood,engine and wherever else it could go. Try to put water in it just to see where the leak is coming from. The water will not stay in the reservoir. It cranks but won't keep water or antifreeze in it long enough to see where the leak is. This car costs too much to keep running. I won't buy another one.
Ok i got this 2002 jetta 1.8T and it makes this loud knocking noise when I'm sitting but when i start to drive it stops WTF???
Love my car but she costs me a fortune!
i like it, just dont know where i could it fixed if anything were to go wrong
just had problems with engine studdering turns out vw doesnt like e3 sparkplugs and the electrical system SUCKS
The car burns an excessive amount of oil (a quart every week or two). There are many problems wrong with the electrical system, recently the brakelights turn on by themselves after the car is shut off and it has killed the battery.

- Body style with low clearance front bumper is easy to tear off and not easy to repair
- Interior hardware is flimsy. Passenger and driver side chairs have both broken in the past. Dashboard knobs have fallen off.
- The car has its own smell that has changed over time. Friends have told me my car smells like crayons (especially when it's hot outside), and that it could be due to the disintegration of the tint glue.

- For the most part, the car has been reliable in the areas where it really counts
- I like the Monsoon default sound system
- It's small and nimble and is easy to park and drive