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1998 Volkswagen Jetta (4 Reviews)
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I bought my 1998 Jetta 2.0L M/T with 105,000 miles on it in 2001. Now in January of 2011 it has 228,000 on it. Regular maintenance has kept it on the road, and I still get 29 mpg. Electrically the turn signals are a bit quirky, and the cruise control gave up. My son crashed it into a curb in the midst of a U turn and trashed the right side half axel and undercarriage. Some 20,000 miles later the transmission gave up, due to that hit, and I had a decision to make: pour a couple thousand into a car with 150k on it or go get something new and sell the Jetta to wrecking yard. When you add the cost of the car, and transmission work, and all the maintenance along the way, this is the most cost effective and relaible transportation I've ever owned. And its been a blast to drive along the way. I'm looking forward to rolling over 300,000!
I bought this car a little under 5 years ago. in the intervening time I've put almost 150,000 miles on my jetta, and not the old lady driving back and forth to the market to get Wheatabix kind of miles, but the jobs in three different cities, hauling metal and tools for metal art, drunken offroading at my mom's house kind of miles. i've put this car through the worst sort of hell one can imagine. it's been unreal. throughout all this punishment, the jetta has been unfailingly reliable, cost me less in maintenance than any three of my previous cars combined, basic upkeep only, absolutely no serious or even minor repairs. I love my jetta, let me say that again I love my jetta. if i weren't paranoid of little hybrid man/jetta babies, i'd make love to my car daily...that line will probably get me flagged but you get my point.
My Jetta is great. I have had it forever and not many problems ever go on. It is easy to drive and maintain.
Regular maintenance is the key. That which has worn out, or gone bad has been minimal for us. It's our third Jetta going back to 1986. Second Jetta saved my life in a rollover accident. (Deer in the road) We love the car, but HATE inconsiderate scum that can't/won't watch their door opening technique. You know who you are, and I hope all of the cars you ever drive are piles of junk!