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1994 Volkswagen Jetta (2 Reviews)
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I'd sell it for parts if the parts were worth anything...
This car is a peice of crap! We bought this car used about 2 weeks ago and right as I write this it is in the shop being "fixed". We had the car for about 4 days when it left myself and my 7 week old son and my 4 year old son on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in minus 35.
When we first got the car we were excited b/c we always wanted a Diesel car. We even laughed about the ALL the electrical problems:
1. The heat only works on high. So it's off or full bore.
2. The heat only works if the headlights are on.
3. There are no low beams only high beams.
4. The only way to turn the headlights on is to pull the lowbeam/highbeam switch and jam a pen behind it.
5. Can only make left turns as the right turn signal lights don't work.
6. When making left turns if you turn on the signal light the pen falls out no there's no lights and no heat.
7.We have power window, not windows, WINDOW, but at least it's the drivers window.
8. Sometimes we can't get out of the car and have to repeatedly pull the handles very hard till it works.
9. Doesn't like to go into second gear.
10. Water pump failure is what left us on the road.
That said for some reason we still love this little car, but we won't be taking it very far from home until we can have a VW dealership look at it. As it is we live 2 hours away from the nearest one so we'll wait until summer lol.
Oh,and we live in Canada not LA but you need a Zip Code to fill this thing out. lol