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1993 Volkswagen Jetta
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By on 4/4/11 | Los Altos, CA
The first brand new car that I ever owned was my worst. It was an 1993 Volkswagen Jetta. The all new model for 1993. Test driving a Jetta on the dealer's lot, the Jetta seemed like a well engineered vehicle. It rode well, steered well and was reasonably quiet. The Jetta I actually purchased wasn't the one that I test drove. When I took delivery of my new Jetta it had only 26 miles on the odometer. The car was delivered to me full of dust. The dealer said I'd have to wait a few days to have it detailed; I declined and said I'd wash it when I got my new Jetta home. Also there was only 1/8th of a tank of gasoline in the car when I took delivery. The dealer wasn't motivated to fill the tank on my newly purchased $16,0000 Jetta! Okay, so the dealership experience sucked. When I was driving my new Jetta home in the dark I kept getting drivers flashing their high beams at me. Turns out my new Jetta had misaligned headlamps right out of the factory! Next I noticed that the power operated trunk wouldn't disengage. This was due to a misaligned trunk due to sloppy workmanship in the factory. After the headlamps and trunk lid were realigned I was enjoying my new Jetta. Come 1000 miles and the engine develops an erratic idle. Dealer says it'snormal!? I had to have several safety recalls corrected shortly after that stint at my VW dealer. Next problem came about with the Jetta's horns sounding very weak. The dealer again tells me that there is nothing wrong with the horns. Then why do they sound like shit?! At 10,000 I was opening my sunroof and crrrrrrrunch! The whole mechanism jammed. Back to the VW dealer again. I had to have the entire sunroof mechanism replaced. While doing the repair, the repairmen soiled my headliner with gunk and grease. They would't offer to clean it. I'm really beginning to develop a hatred for this car now. 13,000 my back up lights fail. Repairman says it was due to a burned out switch. One month later the same thing happened! 17,000 miles and the instrument panel lighting is intermittently flickering whenever I go over a bump. Dealer claims "they couldn't duplicate problem!" 20,000 and still more erratic idling problems that my dealer say's "is normal!" Now the interior is developing lots of squeaks and rattles. 25,000 and the sunroof made an unpleasant groaning sound while it opened very slowly. I shut it and never opened it again. Not only was I fed up with this crappy VW, but the dealer's service department was the clincher: insolent, self righteous, accusatory pricks! I decided to trade in my Jetta at 26,500 miles on a brand new 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. I still have my Grand Prix. I am really attached to my Grand Prix, and it has never given me any headaches whatsoever. My Pontiac is a great solid and reliable car.
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