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2007 Volkswagen GTI owners review and rate their 2007 Volkswagen GTI.

2007 Volkswagen GTI (3 Reviews)
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My girlfriend has a 2008 GTI 4 door automatic. After 2 years we noticed the car would always have a little trouble starting almost like the battery was drained. Also at idle the car acted like it would shut off it was very rough. Then a noise from the front passenger side wheel began to happen. It sounded like a loud coffee maker. Today she took it in for her regular oil change and the mechanic explained the turbo is damaged and needs to be replaced. She only has 59,600 miles!!! She always changes her oil every 3k miles. I knew to stay away from VW's after visiting but now I know for sure to stay away. My 2003 Acura CL w/108k miles has never had 1 problem.
Great car. Just got 60k mile service cost a little over $500 everything included. Thanks Lindsay!!! - 2007 GTI
This car has had zero problems in the 21 month of ownership. I love the the overall performance. It is a real joy to drive. It gets very good mileage (average: 26 mpg), sound great when you goose it, ride quality is smooth & quiet, and it looks good.