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2003 Volkswagen GTI (2 Reviews)
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I drive a 2003 GTI V6, and am very happy with this car, which is very fun to drive. It has a lot of power, and very responsive handling. My only recurring problem has been the thermostat, which has gone 3 times (twice under warrantee.) My car has only 60,000 miles on it and I expect to keep it another 60,000. Lately have been less happy with the suspension, which has gotten rough, but it's worth replacing the struts to keep it longer.
I chose the GTI over a Mini of the same year when looking for a good used car. I wanted something small and sporty that wouldn't have kids trying to race me all the time since I just got rid of a Eclipse and Avenger. Mine has everything premium except the 6 disc changer for some reason. My interior is more luxurious than my nephews 05 Caddy. The car is 6 years old now and it still smells brand new when you get into it. My exterior looks almost just like the picture here. Same color with a hatch spoiler and some aftermarket rims that are just sportier and more dynamic than the stock- which aren't bad at all. The drive is great. Quiet and comfortable. When you want the power it's there and sounds cool when the turbo kicks in.
Now- the bad: I've had this car since February of 07 and have had goofy little problems with lights burning out and such. Nothing I couldn't just fix myself in 5 minutes. But one day I got a temp light and have had problems since. I replaced thermostat and temp sensor. Bypassed the heatercore. Got the cooling system flushed. Got the system diagnosed. Noone could see a problem. Had my water distribution valve replaced after it blew up on me. All kinds of problems just in my cooling system. I've worked on all my cars from Nissans to Fords but this one I just need to hand over to the dealership and suffer the ridiculously high prices. The car is great but expect the problems typical for it's year and expect to pay ALOT to get them fixed. I have babied mine but you can't prevent everything.