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2001 Volkswagen GTI (3 Reviews)
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This car has been amazing to have. I feel like its super sexy and makes me stand out from my friends lame looking, no power car. However, its getting fairly old and I'm having lots of issues with it in the cold. Last summer I paid around 700 to fix the a/c and now my heat isn't getting very warm this winter. I had to fix vacuum leaks the only day and a broken glove box for 400 dollars. the oil changes are super high but I only change it every 4k. Recently its had a rough idle when I start it and sometime its rough when I idle even at a stop light, almost as if it wants to shut off. I'd be super pissed if I had to get rid of this car. I love how it looks and how fast it can go, but I'm unemployed right now and this car makes me want to cry lately.
@Dough in La... I dont see how youve had all those problems and u cant seem to fix them! I have a 2001 gti has 137,000 miles on it and its in GREAT condition.. maybe it was just taken care of really well i got when it had 122,000 on it... so far its just been regular maintenance, oil changes etc.. and the engine runs fine.. i recently need to replace the thermostat housing (common to leak on volkswagens) and the drive belt that was worn.. but thats it for major concerns.. I think as long as u take care of them they will run forever!
I love to say I drive a GTI VR6 but the reality sucks. I have had so many problems with this vehicle. I've replaced the clutch twice. The serpentine belt broke. The headlights and blinkers are constantly not working. No repair shop has been able to figure it out. Agh! I hear the 2008's are much improved but the 2001 really sucks. (When it's working though....I love the big engine.)