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2001 Volkswagen Golf (2 Reviews)
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after the temp indicator reach 90 degrees , the coolent boiling i do not why.
plz advice me about what could couse that ?
........ water pump , fan speed or that is normal with this model ?
This is my first and last Volkswagon. Bought it at 80,000 miles. Engineered great, but built like crap. 10,000 miles later: had to replace alternator, belt tensioner, brake line hose came out of its holder and rubbed up against the caliper spilling brake fluid all over, moonroof leaked water, after tearing apart I found out that two of the four drain hoses to the moonroof came out of their holders and were pouring water directly into the car flooding the floorboards. Other volkswagon owners I know have sludge build up in their engines between oil changes in addition to their engines burning oil. I also have had to replace a taillight, something I have never had to do in any car I have ever owned. I have owned a Toyota, Ford, and VW, oddly enough the Ford was the best car I have ever owned; go figure.