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1997 Volkswagen Golf (2 Reviews)
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I own a VW golf4.I had keeped it in garage for several years.After I installed a new battry it doesent start.Ignation seems ok but no gas in the engine.I tooked off the gas return pipe and it is dry.Car hase only 5 thousand miles so nothing wear out and last time I started it wasn't any problem wit it.
May gasoline get too old i filled up several years ago or pump get plugged?
Can help me someone? Only car i have and didn't used for long illness.
The car runs well and gets me around rather well, however, it has a lot of little problems that tend to build up over time. The exterior is poorly constructed and the styling is constantly falling off. Also, I've had problems with the outer locks and latches of the doors. A decent car, but don't expect to be blown away.