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2001 Volkswagen Cabrio (4 Reviews)
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2001 VW Cabrio...... will start when cold. from time to time
it will not start when warm. engine cranks fine but nothing.
I have had the car for almost a year. I had it checked out before I bought it and had to replace a few belts including the timing belt because the mechanic suggested it would be time soon enough. I LOVE the car but have to look past a few issues with it. My brake light comes on out of the blue even though the previous owner had them replaced a few months before I bought it (I saw the receipt). The drivers side window leaks and soaks the seat. Power locks no longer work which makes opening passenger side door annoying. Drivers side power window has to be rolled up twice to get it to stay up. Im guessing water leaking in that window might have caused this. Annnnd NOW the temperature light keeps coming on even though the car isn't running hot and I have filled the coolant to appropriate levels. So shop bound it is. It being winter and not being able to have the top down for a few more months makes me change my previous statement to I LIKE this car. OH one more thing...Im constantly having some sort of foam insulation stuff blown at me when using the AC/Heat. I honestly dont know how such a little car could hold that much foam!
It seemed so "cute" too bad it spends more time (and money) in the shop than on the road.
Bought this car used with 53,000 miles. I have had one problem after another. Just put $1,300 into car in last 30 days. Please if considering buying a Cabrio, Do not. Parts are expensive and car is unreliable.