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1998 Volkswagen Cabrio (3 Reviews)
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DO NOT BUY THIS CAR! LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN, DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. I honestly believe VW made this car to keep their auto shops busy. Things in the car just go wrong or break with little or no use, bought the after having it looked at and it has not been drivable most of the time. Every fix is an expensive fix...poor buying decision!
The car grows on you.
Love my 98. Got it three years ago and have had to do very little, although the right rear wheel bearing disintegrated a few weeks ago, causing almost $600 worth of damage to to the rr brakes, drum and ABS sensor (had them replace both sides' brake shoes and wheel bearings) -- was too cold to do the work myself. I did the front brakes in less than an hour last summer. The AC has a leak, but what car's AC system goes this far without needing repair? Currently getting a 17990 (idle adaptation at limit) code but confident I'll figure it out. For a 2.0 engine, it has plenty of get up and go and she corners like a sports car. The automatic top is a big plus. I hope to get another 100k miles on it! Being triple black with leather, it is in no way a "girly" car.