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2007 Volkswagen Beetle (3 Reviews)
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Based on my one star ratings of all that has gone wrong, I can only assume that all other areas are soon to fail, hence the thee stars. This is a 2007 new beetle fully factory equipped. There are 33000 miles on this car and is driven exclusively by my wife. I bought her a ltd. edition sport bug in the 70's and sold it after one year because it was such a piece of crap. She never forgave me for that. Fast forward to 2007 to redeem myself. She babys and loves this car more than me. So far the a/c has gone out, all four center caps on the octopus wheels have flown off from the tangs becoming brittle and cracking off, center console arm broke at hinge, rear hatch support shocks worn out, gas door release spring broken, passenger side speaker failed, rear brake pads of all things and tires actually rotted before wearing out. yes the car lives in a garage. The most recent is the drivers side door handle breaking off the ridiculously engineered door panel. That dealer repair is nearly $800. Yes you are reading correctly. This fairly priced car when purchased new and in existence since Moses, will nickle/dime your bank account to oblivion. Cheap plastic parts o plenty, poor design, mechanical failure, you name it, it's inevitably coming for you. FYI VW of America could care less. Don't believe me? Call their "no customer care" department and learn for yourselves.
I bought a 2007 VW Beetle convertible . It has a major blind spot, I guess due to the convertibile top.
I have changed the headlights 4 times on one side and twice on the other. The dealership says the lights come with a warranty, but then it is always something added, such as the housing, etc.
I have replaced the window motors 5 times, and now need to do it again
The front right window rattles so bad I think the window will break. They took the door apart, could not find anything, tightened the screws, and it did not change a thing.
The car always has a musty smell, and I was told it is just a VW problem.
I referred 3 friends to buy VW, the diesel and regular passats. The y all have had the same problems, especially the noise the car makes when driving, it creaks way too much.
I will never buy a VW product again.
Overall the car is performing as expected. Approximately 75,000 miles on the car and nothing major has failed. I have had to replace the headlights 3 different times which I feel is unacceptable. I wish the day time running lights were not the headlights, maybe another bulb or they would use the parking lights. I just replaced the original tires at 70,000 and now the left front wheel bearing is getting replaced. I just change the oil regularily and drive it.