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2002 Volkswagen Beetle (4 Reviews)
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Currently driving my #7 Beetle ! And proud of it at 70 ! All the Beetles I've purchased for myself and my children over the years have been WONDERFUL. I currently drive a 2002 Beetle hatchback. I've read the comments and complaints, may I suggest. .....Research and find a reliable repair shop. Do ALL THE maintance as scheduled, use the CORRECT gas, oil and such. Maintain and care for your car. Don't let things go. I've had brand new cars and I've had some neglected wrecks. The secret is to maintain and care for your car, regardless of where it was made. Car care is like raising children. ..keep a close eye, work together, don't let things go, show lots of love and appreciate.
This year and model assembled in Mexico. The plastic dry rots in the interior and cracks. All plastic interior is falling apart. Every time I have work done on the engine it comes back with broken parts, mostly plastic pieces that hold components together. Even doing minor repairs such as changing a headlight requires delicate surgery to prevent plastic parts from cracking. The head needed replaced because the timing belt broke slipped. If you buy a VW make sure it was assembled in Germany or America.
This 2002 New Beetle Turbo S is my second New Beetle, the first being a 2000 (no turbo) and the third a 2004 Turbo S. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy driving this car because it has a LOT more power than you would guess. And everyone who has driven it says the same. They fall in LOVE. It's a fun car to drive. However, like the other two New Beetles I have owned (the 2000 and 2004 Turbo S) the body/interior etc. leaves a LOT to be desired. Everything falls apart. Believe me, this car is no longer pretty. Still its fun as hell to drive. Oddly, I bought my 2004 based on my love of the 2002 and while they are supposedly the same car (both Turbo S) the 2004 feels like a tin can by comparison. The doors aren't heavy like the 2004, the drive is not as fun or solid. The 2004 doesn’t seem to have the same kind of power at all. Yes, it's faster than the standard New Beetle, but the 2002 has a LOT more heart. I don't know if this is just MY experience, or if others who have driven both would say the same... and I'm not sure why the difference, but the 2004 just feels cheap compared to the 2002. All of my VW New Beetles have the same VW body/interior issues: they fall apart. But I knew this when I bought it. The 2002 has been good to me. I tend to be hard on cars so I have to give it props. I’ve never had any mechanical problems with it until now... and even still it drive NICE... it's just louder and needs a little love. I've driven it for about 5 years and it now has about 130,000 miles on it and it’s time for some attention, but all in all it’s been a good car. I don’t have the same faith in my 2004 which only has about 85,000 miles on it.
my ac is not cooling but the compressor is running i had the refridgeant checked it is full but the guy said that it was the compressor even thou it is running he said the the pressure should be level in the compressor but it is kicking in an when iwas looking on line for prices for a compressor it said the the compressor for a vw beetle has low pressure on one side n high pressure on the other so now i'm confused.the ac worked one day n the next it didn't anybody have any answers