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2001 Volkswagen Beetle (16 Reviews)
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Car is a piece of junk. Bought it brand new in 2001. Only have 80,000 miles on it cause I HATE to drive it. Every 6 months without fail it has something die on it. Replaced parts that hold the windows up, the front passenger seat position lock failed so every time you stop or start the passenger goes flying forward or backward. headlights, taillights, oil pan leak, windshield washer fluid receptacle, electrical system has had repeated issues,etc. Hate, hate, hate VWNBs.
My 2001 Turbo 1.8 Beetle had 25k on it in 2005 when we bought it. Now in 2013 it has 170k. I have had 7.5 years of pleasure driving it. The usual timing belt replacement, a new battery and a couple other things is all I've had to do. It recently has a slow transmission fluid leak, which we will keep an eye on. Yes the light bulbs are a pain to replace, but my husband watched a youtube instruction video, so can do that himself now. Bulb is only $7.00. Synthetic oil of course.
It's a 12 year old car and still amazing!
165k . Just put wire and plugs with a coil pack but other than that rolling on.
love the car one glitch with the radio but other wise it is great
I bought my 2001 New Beetle New; while the warrentee was in effect, only some minor problems, after the warantee expired, so did the beetle, slowly, piece by piece. The handbrake broke, came off in my hand, the catalylic converter went out, 600 bucks, the timing belt had to be replaced twice, the clutch went out, the air conditioner went out, the seat upholstery split, water pump went out... the headlights and tail lights take turns at going out, the tail light assembly popped out of the fender, seems the clips or whatever keeping the tail light assembly in place just simply disintergated, broke, to replce the tail light assembly about 300 bucks...all these repairs were very, VERY costly. I pity the fool who buys, and owns one. The ONLY GOOD thing about the beetle is the VW advertising....Das Volks is German Engernerring.
I purchased my 2001 Beetle used, based only because it was cute and I had always wanted one since High School, big mistake, I had it for ony 6 months, and the engine completely went out, (it had only 54,000 miles on it), thank goodness for the extended warranty, they kept my car for a 1-1/2 months..ridiculous, it is now slowy falling apart, all the cheap plastic parts in the interior, glove compartment cheap handle broke off (replacement $200, because you can't just buy the handle),antenna rotted and snapped off, all the cup holders brittle and broken, the plastic covers over the seat adjustments, the cheap brittle plastic that sits inside adjustment, broke off. I have also replaced the plastic cheap emblem wheel covers at least 6 times, and gave up after two more fell of (at a cost of $30. each). Also the front lights and rear lights constantly going out at around $30 to $40 each time. The only positive thing I have to say, is alot of head room and width in the front seat. BUYER BEWARE!
I have a 2001 Volkswagen and have had it for 3 years, I have had no real problem with my car. I do regular oil change and filter. I use only synthetic oil. I drive my car all winter, with snow tires and it is great. I really like my car and plan on keeping it for a while. Great little car.
I was so excited when my parents bought me this car for my high school graduation. I have been driving it for about 3 years now and it has done nothing but cost me money and problems. We have put over $7,000 in repairs to the car. I have had to replace the water pump, fuel pump, transmission, belts, batteries, breaks, for lights, the motors in the windows and more. The car is built for looks and not for relability, plus all of the parts are more expensive to replace vs. parts from GM or Ford. For the interior, the rubber surface of the dash was a terrible idea. My dash, door handles and around my raido are so scratched up and I dont know how to fix it because of that horrible rubber surface. Overall I cannot wait to get rid of this car. Yes, it does look really cute and its nice to drive around with the top down but overall its horrible! I would not reccomend it to anyone.
The 2001 VW Beetle is the worst vehicle I have ever purchased. I would take much pleasure in burning it. Nothing wrong with this vehicle mechanically; simply plagued with electrical demons. Only get the dealership to repair and wait for the lies and ripping you a new one every time period.
Worst car I've ever owned and I've owned quite a few. JUNK!
I bought a 2001 VW Beetle with 9K miles on it. I've had it for years and it has over 100K miles now. I love the way it drives when it is working, but the Turbo has been a problem over the years. There has been lots of money spent in repairs and unfortunately I can't say I would buy another one. I'm on a first name basis with my mechanic and his dog, so if you can stand the trips to the repair shop every 3 months, it is a fun car to own and drive. But if you are looking for something more reliable, I can't suggest the Beetle. I have one with a sunroof and it has leaked and caused a lot of interior damage as well. So if you do choose a Beetle, make sure you demand they check the sunroof at each maintenance scheduled.
I have a 2001 VW Beetle turbo 5 speed. I always wanted a beetle and finally got one. Has been nothing but problems unfortuantely. I love this car but its a money pit. Something always goes wrong even if its minor it costs a fortune to get it fixed. Now my beetle won't even start and were trying to figure out what the problem is. IT has a lot of electrical issues. I would NEVER suggest this car to a friend. I love the car but I hate it too. Its a love/hate relationship. Piece of JUNK!!
I have a 2001 VW Beetle and am really like this sturdy little car. It has lots of style and does the job of driving me everywhere. I have no complaints. My car does not age...or ages gracefully depending on your point of view. I hope to keep this a while longer.
2001 1.8L Turbo. I commute 110 mls a day RT. Bought used w/ 80k mls, almost 140k mls now & although I had to do the major 100k ml repairs, I love my car! No it is not perfect but what car is? Has a few glitches here & there but it hasn't really failed me. Its such a cutie & quick as a bullet!
This is the worst purchase decision I have ever made. I have owned the car for less than nine months and have spent over $1200 on electrical and mechanical problems with the car. I purchased the car from a used car dealership and had the car checked by an independent mechanic before my purchase. I have had to have my car towed twice, have had the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, brake light sensor, mass airflow intake sensor, and several other things replaced. I was going to try to sell it, but now the MIL came on and I can't afford to get it fixed.
I have much love for Beetle!