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1999 Volkswagen Beetle (20 Reviews)
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I have a 99 diesel with 286000 on it and still going I have replaced clutch and rack and pinion brakes and glow plugs. Was ok till the other day and now it will not turn over its either the starter on the neutral switch have to get it towed in but other than that I would recommend to anyone.
Bought my Beetle used with 71000 miles on it in 2005. It now has 199500 miles on it and runs wonderful. No motor troubles or anything other than maintenance items you have to do to any car if you keep it that long but hey, people get things wrong with them as they age also. I love the car and love the way it drives and handles. It may blow up tomorrow but so far it has been great.
One awesome day back in 1999 I was surprised with the gift of a groovy little red new beetle! Drove that bad girl right out of the dealership and boy do I regret that day. This car is adorable yes indeed, but it's just a mask for it's many malfunctions within. I've had everything wrong and spent a fortune on the beast but yet every month no matter how pampered she is something else goes haywire. Recalls galore, electrical issues beyond repair, things just stop working period no matter how many times you revive them. I do still have my car but its only because I just can't sell it. Think I'll plant it in the backyard with flowers growing from within or maybe take the engine out and put in a BBQ grill instead! More reliable anyway. My honest opinion, don't buy this year (1999) if you truly want a New Beetle for your ride. I'm sure newer years should have less issues, well hopefully anyway. Unless of course you have tons of money you like to spend on broken things, then in that case this is the perfect vehicle for you. Go for it. But don't cry when your in the broke house with a cute car sitting in the driveway not working, cause I warned you.

It's like dating the popular girl and finding out she's a skitzo freak. NOT WORTH IT!
I bought my '99 Beetle in '99.. Had 7 miles on it. Still have it, and still driving it with no problems, other than a 13 yr. old car would have..Biggest expense was catalytic converter went last year. Had it replaced and we're good to go!!!! LOVE my car, and it loves me!!!! You take care of it, it takes care of you.. I'm 66 yrs. old with my 5 speed Beetle and loving it!! So do my granddaughters!! Probably will outlast me!!
im 17. paying this car off at the moment. and i love it. the main problems were things that were neglected from the previous owner.
I am looking into buying a 1999 Beetle.. I am reading these reviews & now I'm torn!! My review is just what I think just going by a test drive.. Everything seems ok... but just worried about after..(If I decide to buy)
I love this car. It is my first car, I've had it for two years and I do my best to maintain it. The worst problem I had with it was that the power steering reservoir went (thought it was the pump at first), replaced that and no issue. It has 170,000 miles and it still runs pretty well. It's a daily driver and I drive ALOT everyday.
FIRST OFF...NEGLECT..THATS what MOST of these stories are about....! Not the Vehicle...but the OWNER!!!! EVERY CAR...will have problems..thats WHY we have..PREVENTITIVE MEASURES! GET a BOOK...a GOOD BOOK..say a Bently V W Book, it..get to know your I did my Rifle in the,s YOUR takes you everywhere YOU wanna go BUT..treat it BAD..and wont like you! Take it to a V W Shop...HELL it yourself..MINER stuff...mine has had the standard ever so often...would,nt trade mine and it has 223,465 miles on it...changed the oil ONCE when I got it..YOU NEVER need to change OIL..UNLESS..your motor OVERHEATS..badly enough to BURN the oil...oil SAE..wont break down, STOP wasting money...get a Book and read...ONLY Bently or Mitchell is worth the money..Chilton,s...Hays...PURE JUNK..GAURANTEED...I love my Black 1999 V W,s a 5-Speed Lambo to me and I RUN the HELL out of it...NO PROB...learn to TAKE CARE of your stuff People!!!
I bought mine used in 2006. Loved the way the body looked, and I even named mine. But to be honest, it is not a good car. Everything plastic on the car gets brittle and cracks/crumbles to pieces, without even being touched. Always throwing trouble codes; get them fixed and cleared and two days later it's something new. Working on it is a nightmare, it is major surgury to replace a fog beam or even things that should be simple like a bulb in the headlight. While driving to work this morning, I started smelling a horrible burning plastic smell and noticed smoke coming from my dashboard. Turned the car off but by then a fire had broken out in the wiring and plastic within the dashboard. Called 911 and fire department came quickly and put it out. My insurance claims representative says it looks like a total loss.
After the incident I started searching online and found many, many similar if not identical stories of electrical fires on this car. I wish I would have known this before learning the hard way.
OMG, getting this car is the worst thing i'v ever done. Its been giving me problems from the start, water,pump,ac compressor,transmission slipping,oil leak,doors wont lock,trunk wont open by the button,and now my fans wont shut off.
This car has always been my dream car and boy it wake me up from my dream real fast. This car will make you spend a lot of money if you're not careful. It's good for short distances but I would never drive my car from Arkansas to Texas. I've had so many problems out of my car since the day I got it. You know the old lingo "lemon" well my car is bright yellow and yes I did buy a lemon. It's a waste, and I'm so ready to at least attempt to try and sell my car or get another one. This is my one and only volkswagen and I don't plan on ever buying one unless. I'm in desperate need of a vehicle. Dont' waste your time.
I love my Beetle. I don't drive a lot but I still love my car almost 9 years after buying it.

I've had some bad mechanics but the car is great!
Lots of problems with this car....a money loosing plastics, transmission slipping already at 2000 RPMs ……(90000 miles on it) parts are expensive to fix....electric problems ...water pump died around 75000... now leak inside from the A/C flooded the carpet by the front seat…broken springs before 60000 miles ….the plastics masks under the engine keep falling…catalytic converter died at 70000…..brakes that squeak …radiator replaced due to corrosion…...overall bad purchase...stay away from this ....what German engineering?!!! An embarrassment ....made and assembled somewhere in the basement ……rushed design....did I mention….. terrible coverage...lots of dead spots......dangerous for ramps and changing lanes on highways….
I just got my 99 beetle and i love it.Its got 140000 miles and still going strong. What ever you do dont let your husband work on it.
Bought this car at 83,000 miles. Spent a lot of money putting in repairs. Couldn't even replace the headlight without taking it to the shop. Same with the battery. Just to fix my gas gauge is $400. Have to get the brakes cleaned yearly because they get dirty in the winter and screech. Weird things like that.

It's a very computer-electrical based car, so it's very difficult to do even basic repairs yourself.

It's a fun car, but it's a pricey car. I think I'd enjoy it more if I bought it brand new, as opposed to used.

Overall, I'd buy another car.
Bought mine at 60,000-replaced front and rear brakes,cooling fans.Did the regular maintance-oil change,replaced tires,a/c charge ups
At 85,000 replaced the timing belt and water pump,a/c compressor--After 100,000 miles:
front and rear struts/shocks
new tires
cv axle
radiator,cooling fans,thermostat,thermostat housing $2,000
a mystery cooling fan demon-cooling fan will not come on when needed,3 modules regulate need to take to dealer to remedy-
NOT-I'm selling this car
It 's a FUN CAR til 100,000 miles after that-you better get rid of it and get some other brand.This is not the VW of the 1960's when YOU could fix it-This is the NEW VW and One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was to buy a VW
I will NEVER buy a Volkswagen car again - this car has been the biggest financial burden of my life... I bought it used, I've had it for 6 years - it has 180,000 miles on it... it is absolutely worthless. I have a major repair on it every other month - each one costing at the very least $1000... the electrical system is completely screwed - lights and functions go out constantly. The tie rod ends wear out within months of replacing them. The plastic parts are literally falling off of my car and have been taped into place (lights, body, knobs, the sun roof)... It looks like a 30 year old car. I do not abuse the car, or treat it abnormally, I use it to drive to school and work... on the highway... I have it maintenanced regularly...
there is no excuse for a car to be literally falling apart before the owner's eyes within ten years of being made.
Completely pathetic ... I would never recommend that anyone waste their money on one of these Mexican built pieces of crap. German engineering my ass!!
I bought this little cutie used from a dealer and I love my 99 VW Beetle! It had 90,000 miles on it and now has 125,000 and still going. Gas mileage is GREAT and constant. My only problem is a nagging brake light that I just found out is under a recall. (Thanks Repair Pal!) and I've had one dashboard fire behind the AC and FAN switches. Look out for this problem. I'm on my third Temperature Control Module and they like to ARC and smoke out... or FLAME out as mine did. Makes the AC turn itself on and off without you touching the switch!

They cannot find the cause of this "ghost in the machine" type problem... but other than that... she's a beauty to drive and use. I'm hoping they can remedy this because I've never enjoyed a car so much as this one! She's called "Blue Eyes" and she's Ocean Blue!
I bought my 2003 turbo VW beatle new. My headliner is falling down. I keep the windows cracked so it does not get so hot inside. I have had some problems with my left headlight not working.My air conditioner went from cold to now to not cooling. I have 57000.00 miles on this car. It is fun to drive but if I had to do it over again. I would not buy another one.
I just got a new car but HAD to leave a review..
I drove a 99 vw beetle {turbo, standard} and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I sold it at 111,000 miles on it, but only because I got an offer to buy another car that I couldn't pass up. I am in my 20's and this car got me through college and my first few years out. It was perfect, SAFE, reliable, great gas mileage, cute, and had fun features. I ALWAYS got asked about it and people were shocked it was a 99.. It looked brand new.. It held it's value, and had some issues, but really they were just standard, car is getting older replacements, etc. I also learned how to do alot of things on my own {aka replace headlamps} and that saved $ b/c only certain shops could work on them.. You basically are getting a quality, foreign car for a great value, think about what a 99 kia looks like, no comparison. I would get another beetle, or VW and rec to ANYONE.. It's especially perfect for people just starting out in school and careers. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I cried when I sold it and still miss it!!